Social Media: The New Wave

Social media has become an everyday norm in today’s society.  This generation is GLUED to their phones.  Devices such as Apple’s iPhone just make it so easy to access all their applications.  With all the different forms of sites such as; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more, it seems as though opportunities for networking and direct communication have become so accessible.  The question lies… How can we utilize such apps/forms of media to get great, undiscovered music viral!?

I think it all begins with your marketing skills.  How do you stand out from others? Is your page professional in appearance or do you just come off as another frat bro from some college? You’re going to want to start by defining your image.  It doesn’t necessarily matter what that image is, but it must stay consistent throughout time.  This means your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages should always portray a representation of yourself.  Also, ALL of your social media pages should therefore be correlated in terms of the company or artistry you represent.

Now how does one go about building a following and really getting their music/art out there?  That seems to always be the tough spot.  With my experience, I would suggest trying to hire some form of promotional manager or agent to help you along the way.  It’s often times very difficult to do everything yourself.

Once you start building a small following, try to pick up on who exactly is following you.  Does this match your original target market or should you re-plan your blueprint to cater to who is actually becoming fans of your work/image.  When these people comment on your page, don’t be afraid to comment back. Engage people! Show your fan base than you actually care about them, don’t be selfish and distant.

I think the absolute most important aspect to making it viral is to release GOOD material.  You’re material needs to connect on some sort of emotional level with people.  When it hits people in a certain way, where many people can relate, that’s when you will start to bloom.  Therefore, make sure every aspect of your art is performed to the best of your ability.  In terms of a song, the vocals, flows, production, lyrics, EVERYTHING has to be top-notch quality.  Same thing goes for visual content.  I mean, you want to be taken seriously right?

I don’t have all the answers, as I am still an up and coming musician myself.  And even though I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and have been studying it for years, that doesn’t put me on any sort of pedestal.  Us artists are all in this together.  I think it’s important we continue to try to network as much as possible and exchange connections and resources when possible.  There’s a hell of a lot of undiscovered talent out there, let’s help make sure it gets heard!



Author: amp06984

I am a marketing major with a background in music. I will be posting daily blogs with songs from undiscovered artists in efforts to gain them exposure and potentially a record deal. Stay tuned!

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