Now & Then

Today we’re going to take a deep look into the very roots of Hip-Hop and ask ourselves, is Hip-Hop better today than it was back in the 90’s or the other way around?… There’s several factors you have to take into consideration when asking yourself this question. Sure, you’re always going to have the OG Hip-Hop heads saying that the 90’s boom-bap was where it was it.  Well of course, you guys grew up on that, I wouldn’t expect anything differently. Anyways, back to the factors.  I think one major factor would have to be modern day technology. Nowadays when you get into the studio, the engineer can basically do just about anything with your voice to make it sound a certain way. Whereas back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, artists weren’t using voice effects like Auto tune and all sorts of other pitch corrections. It was more straight forward and raw. So perhaps it took a bit more natural talent to sound good on a record back in the 90’s?

You also have to take a look at the difference in style between now and then. Back then, you’re talking Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Big L, N.W.A and a bunch of hard, street type rappers. Nowadays it’s Drake, Lil Yachty, Soulja Boy, and Two Chainz. Music is simply not the same anymore. It has evolved overtime. A new sound has been developed that was non-existent back then. I would say that Rap/Hip-Hop nowadays has a heavy “Pop” influence within it. You don’t strictly just have many artists that just rap nowadays, they’re singing or performing melodies on their songs as well.

That’s why I believe music is all about your opinion. Were there some great Hip-Hop artists from the 90’s? Absolutely. One could even say these artists had a major impact on not only the artists of today but in the foundation of Hip-Hop music as a whole. At the same time however (with the exemption of some artists), I would say there are a lot of very talented artists in today’s generation as well.

It’s a whole different era. Things change and develop over time. I personally don’t find myself listening to much 90’s rap unless Biggie Smalls “Juicy” comes on at a party and I’m feelin’ groovy. What I appreciate about today’s music is that artists are actually trying to stand out and be innovative. They are coming up with complete new sounds, flows and concepts that have never been done before. Does that make it better than 90’s music? Well, that’s up for interpretation. I think what you grew up listening to has a lot to do with it, along with what types of songs draw you in and you connect to the most. Music is forever evolving and that’s why it is the best art form out there. A new type of song the world can never expect always awaits us.


Author: amp06984

I am a marketing major with a background in music. I will be posting daily blogs with songs from undiscovered artists in efforts to gain them exposure and potentially a record deal. Stay tuned!

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